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We, at Dr N.B Singh Dental Clinic, believe in providing quality dental implant treatments at an affordable price. Dr. N.B Singh and his team of proficient dentists are restoring teeth through dental implant treatment.

Our highly skilled and experienced dental Implantologist Dr. N.B Singh has over 59 years of experience and he has placed over 100,000 dental implants with a remarkable implant success rate of 98%.

We understand that dental implant treatment procedures are a big investment both emotionally and financially but it is worth a treatment. With our focus & experience we meet our patients’ expectations in terms of aesthetics & longevity. At Dr. N.B Singh Dental Clinic we take our time to decide the appropriate treatment plan and strive to provide the very best care to achieve the most efficacious result. Any treatment would be considered incomplete without a follow- up, evaluation of the treatment and ensuring best results for prolonged satisfaction. This is the most important step in our treatment plan as the reflections will form a basis for future plans of action in the case and similar such cases for future reference.

Why To Choose Us

Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about

VP Dental Clinic are endowed with two of the greatest assets in any medical field – great doctors and best-in-line equipment. Started by the avant-garde Dr. N.B Singh, whose ideas of “affordable and accessible medical facilities for all” transformed the way dental clinics are operated in India. With over clinics and counting, VP dental, along with innovative new techniques and treatment , gives importance to proper patient counselling and after care services.

VP dental is synonymous with excellence and commitment and as the patients trust is growing , so are we! It is a testimony to our genuineness and caring professionalism in dentistry. And hence, it is the best choice for anyone looking at the finest and best dental services at pocket friendly prices! VP Dental offers unique “Customized Treatment Packages” tailor made on individual basis which suits the need of people who may have paucity for time especially visitors / NRIs from abroad.

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