Orthodontia is a branch of dentistry which deal with abnormalities of teeth and face especially mal-aligned or crocked teeth which require straightening.

A few lucky people have naturally straight and aligned teeth for the rest orthodontia is the line of treatment.

Orthodontia involves the use of traditional devices (braces) which are stuck to your teeth (without cutting of the teeth) to:

1. Correct chewing abilities due to mal-aligned teeth

2. Straighten teeth for better esthetics/ looks

3. Correct the gaps/spaces between the teeth

4. prevent gum diseases due to crocked teeth

5. Align teeth and lip properly

orthodontic treatment dose not restrict itself only to kids, even adults are candidates for orthodontic treatment,however in kids the orthodontic treatment may guide proper jaw growth, this helps permanent teeth to come in properly,straight permanent teeth prevents tooth and gum problems later on.


metal braces

ceramic / tooth colored

Invisalign (transparent)

Lingual Braces.


The time taken for the treatment mainly depends upon the complexity of the case , average it takes about one to two years for the complete procedure.

Initially you may have slight discomfort and pain as your teeth start to move in position which later on lessens as you get used to it and your teeth becomes aligned/straightened.